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As a small family farm, we’re all about connecting, and bringing the farm to you. Here I share different tips, give you an insider’s scoop on what farm life is about, and most importantly, connect with you about topics important to us all: sustainability, healthy eating, and living with integrity.

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Three reasons why grass-fed beef is healthier for you

It’s time to settle the age-old debate. Is grass-fed beef actually healthier for you than grain-fed beef? And why?

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Shout Out Saturday

It’s important for small, family-owned businesses to stick together! That’s why I’m excited to start doing Shout Out Saturdays. This is a time and space where I’ll be highlighting different small businesses, ranging from local coffee shops, small boutiques, small online shops, and more.

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Setting Meaningful New Year’s Resolutions

Every January, we endeavor to grow ourselves by setting ambitious new (or repeating) goals for ourselves. Often, we know we’re going to fail these New Year’s resolutions, but we set them up anyways. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. By setting meaningful, achievable goals, we can set ourselves up for success through January and the rest of the year.

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When my family began the Rocking A four generations ago, I don’t think they knew where it would end up. We’ve done so many things, from training horses to raising cattle, sheep, goats and rabbits, to teaching the community around us more about the cowboy lifestyle.

Now, you’re part of our family and our legacy, and we’re so happy to have you here.

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