How much do lionhead rabbits cost?

When getting a rabbit, it’s important to know the cost upfront. So before you bring that adorable tiny fluff ball home, let’s walk through what’s required for them. It’s important to remember that the cost of your bunny is more than just what you pay when you buy the bunny. When we first got our lion head rabbits we had no idea what we were getting into or what supplies we needed other than, food, and an enclosure. The cost of rabbits often depends on where you get your rabbit, what kind of food, what enclosure you get for it, and what kind of rabbit it is, here we will focus on the basic needs of lion heads past just food and logging.

Rabbits cost

Lionhead rabbits, with their sweet disposition and fluffy fur, make great pets. However, their cost can vary depending on what color it is, the breeding that’s been put into them, and more! Because of that, the cost of buying a bunny can vary from $20-100. If you want to see what our current bunnies are priced at,  visit 

Depends on where you get it, let’s say you got a lion head rabbit from the pet store verse a breeder they may have two different prices, it varies from between 20-400 depending on, what you do with it, whether it is papered or not if you plan to do fair you may need a better rabbit than if you just want a pet. It would be best to get a rabbit from a breeder rather than a pet store because the breeder will handle the rabbit so it will be nicer than if you were to get it from a pet store.

Eating Cost

Food also depends on where you get it and what kind you get. The average fifty lb bag at tractor supply is in the twenty-dollar range, Fifty lb bags are what we as rabbit breeders like to get. They last a lot longer for a small group of rabbits than say a 20 lb bag which would probably give you two weeks, you can probably get about a month or so out of 50lb depending on how many rabbits you have. Same with a 50 lb bail of hay, if you can find a local farmer that sells square bails it is always good to support local farms but it may be more expensive. You can feed them veggies if you want you can also get your rabbit treats which average around $1-15

Another thing you need to think about is medicine if your rabbit gets sick. You should always search for the symptoms so you know how to treat the illness.


If possible it is good to try to find natural remedies but as is the case sometimes that is not possible. Home remedies will not only save you money but also will not put strange things in your rabbit. Be sure it is safe for your rabbit before trying any type of medication or home remedies. Medication varies greatly between brands and what it cures. Anywhere for $9-30


The price will vary depending on whether you have your rabbit inside or outside. In-door cages can be noticeably different from the outdoors. Indoor cages are generally bigger than your stander rabbit hutch, but also small enough to fit in a house or apartment. generally, they are in a room or a larger space where the rabbit can run around. You can use the out indoor pen outdoors, but you will need to add shelter for the rabbit. Outdoor pens are generally depending on if you get a hutch or one you can with wire floors and walls that you can grease your rabbit in. The average cage cost is one hundred to four hundred dollars.


Grooming materials are less expensive from 7-30 dollars. Water bowls and food dishes can be used for the same thing get a water bowl and you can use one for food also, but be warned rabbits like to dump whatever they can get their little teeth on, so if you can find something that attaches to your cage that they can’t dump that would save a lot of food and water messes. There are more choices than just bowls, can find what fits you. If you do keep your rabbit in the house you will want a litter pan. You could get one like you would give a cat, or make something out of wood, again find what fits you. You must have something for your rabbits to chew on to shorten their constantly growing teeth. That could be like a piece of non-treated wood. Anything the rabbit can get its teeth on it will chew, you just have to give it the right thing.

Sum it up…

Having a rabbit can be expensive if you are not properly prepared. But they can also be a lot of fun if you have what you need before you dive in. it is always important to do research and find what works for you, I hope you found this helpful. Are you ready to take up the challenge of this adorable little fluff ball if so

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