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Four generations of family farming in Norton, Ohio, have created a system of sustainable farming that produces ethically raised, grass-fed beef, meat rabbits, and dairy goats.


What We Do

Know what you’re eating: naturally raised beef with no GMOs, unnatural food sources, or other junk. Feel good about the food you’re eating! Our grass-fed beef is raised locally through the summer, and supplies you with enough beef to last an entire year. Half and whole cuts are available.

“Like sweet chicken” is how rabbit meat is often described. The ultimate sustainable meat, you can rest easy knowing our pasture-raised meat rabbits check all the boxes of sustainability, tastiness, and ethical raising.

Your pet deserves the best: all-natural goat’s milk for a tasty treat or yummy, healthy supplement to their food.

Wanting to buy a goat? Occasional bucks and does are available. Contact us to see what we currently have available.

Perfect snuggle bunnies are soft, friendly, fuzzy, and did we mention soft? Our pet lionhead rabbits are all of those things, and looking for a new family to love!

Note: Contact us to reserve a rabbit from our next litter!

What could make Thanksgiving better than knowing you’re feasting on healthy, ethically sourced, pasture-raised turkeys?Honestly, not much! Reserve your perfect Thanksgiving today.

Note: Contact us to reserve a turkey for 2023.

You love the cowboy lifestyle, and so do we. Why not show it off with a comfy shirt or hoodie? Find new designs every month! Celebrate the cowboy lifestyle one shirt at a time.

Raising animals with integrity

“Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds.” — Proverbs 27:23

At the Rocking A Ranch, we raise our animals in a way that allows them time to play, graze, and enjoy their life. By giving them the space to be animals, we treat them with integrity.

Our meats are:

  • Local in Norton, Ohio
  • Delicious
  • Ethical
  • Grass-fed
  • Sustainable

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