Four benefits of pasture-raised turkeys

With Thanksgiving on the way, it’s time to decide what you’re putting on the table. Pasture-raised turkeys are the way to go! Not only are they sure to wow your friends and family with their delicious taste, they’re humanely raised, more nutritious, and you support the preservation of a breed.

Humanely raised

Pasture-raised turkeys get to spend their days on pasture. This means frolicking under the sun, chowing down on natural foods such as grasses, grains, and bugs, and having room to stretch their wings. They only come in at night to have a safe, cool place to sleep and then they head right back out to pasture!

Preserving a breed

In all things, diversity is good. This is especially true in livestock and farming as well! By purchasing from farms that have a variety of breeds or raising a different type of turkey than the typical store-bought turkey (broad-breasted turkeys), you’re helping preserve this diversity now and for the future!

More nutritious

Grass-fed turkeys get to eat naturally: grasses, grains, bugs. All of this contributes to higher nutrition! Pasture-raised turkeys have higher levels of

  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • antioxidants
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin E
  • and many other nutrients and minerals!

Better tasting!

You have to taste it to believe it—but the rich flavor is unbeatable. Ready to test it out yourself? Learn how to reserve a turkey!


Published by Daleen Cowgar

Daleen Cowgar is a full-time content writer and social media guru. She also lives and works on her family farm, the Rocking A Ranch, where she helps raise beef, goats, rabbits, and more. When she's not ranching or writing, you can find her trekking a backpacking trail or traveling the galaxy through a book.

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