Animals for sale

Looking for a new addition? Find specific animals for sale here, or view our “How to Buy” page for more information. Currently, we have California rabbits and a Nubian/Boar billy goat available in Norton, Ohio.

Last updated: April 24, 2022

Nubian/Boar billy goat

Breed: Nubian/Boer cross
Pedigreed: no
DOB: June 29, 2022
Gender: Billy
Proven: No
Price: $180

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California rabbits

Breed: California rabbit
Pedigreed: no, but father is
DOB: September 2022
Gender: Currently unsexed
Color: Grey and White or Black and White
Quality: Pet/Meat
Proven: No
Tattoo: No, but can be tattooed before you take home for $2/rabbit
Price: $20/rabbit

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