Celebrating the cowboy lifestyle in Ohio

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’ve always dreamed of moving to Montana and working on a big ranch out there. The lush grass, the towering mountains, the rivers winding through the valley. What’s there not to love? It’s gorgeous, wild, and remote. It’s cow country.

Who wouldn’t want to ride, ranch, and live here?

But despite all of Montana’s glory, there’s also something special about being a small family farm in the middle of an Ohio city. (We are actually inside city limits, and so are two other farms on the same street.)

Why I love urban farming

Because of where we are, we get to share our lifestyle with people who otherwise would have no contact with farming or the cowboy lifestyle.

I get to teach people how to swing their first rope and cheer when they catch the roping dummy for the first time. I get to take people on their first horse ride and watch their eyes light up when they touch their first cow. I’m able to show people the journey their food takes and enable them to make smart, informed choices about how they eat, where they source their food from, and why.

As the song says:

Count your blessings,
name them one by one.

“Count Your Blessings” by Johnson Oatman

There are blessings to be found wherever you happen to be in life. Sure, I won’t lie: Montana is great. Even though I’ve never been there, it holds a piece of my heart. However, I love it here in flat, unassuming Norton, Ohio, too.

Some of our goats eagerly awaiting the evening meal.

To me, introducing people to this lifestyle is a big part of celebrating the cowboy lifestyle, even when I may not live in a typical “cowboy area.” I get to share the lifestyle that I love with people around me, whether by working with them on the farm, helping them feed their family with grass-fed meat, or by chatting with them here on this blog. There’s not much that could be better than that!

So, I guess the real question, then, is what is it that makes you love your hometown?

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Published by Daleen Cowgar

Daleen Cowgar is a full-time content writer and social media guru. She also lives and works on her family farm, the Rocking A Ranch, where she helps raise beef, goats, rabbits, and more. When she's not ranching or writing, you can find her trekking a backpacking trail or traveling the galaxy through a book.

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